Zhenyou IOT Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology driven service provider that has worked hard for a long time in website construction and system customization

We strictly follow the principles and ideas of software engineering and pursue perfection from the aspects of UI interface design, database design, system architecture and so on

  • Ensure the smooth operation of the website or system, and ensure good user experience and interaction
  • Communicate seamlessly with customers and transform specific business processes into specific functions
  • Based on the original intention of creating opportunities and benefits for enterprises, we promise to build high-end products and never perfunctory. We can solve the problems fed back by customers in a very efficient and timely manner

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Professional software development skills and rich experience in the combination of software and hardware can solve all your needs in an all-round and multi-level way

HTML 100%
PHP 95%
IOS 90%
Photoshop 80%

Zhenyou IOT

Industry leading software and hardware system R & D service provider

Products + Solutions

More than 10 years of experience in the Internet industry and the introduction of high-tech talents such as Tencent and Huawei have provided leading products and solutions for benchmarking enterprises in various industries.

  • Industry solutions cover areas such as telecommunications, energy, finance, manufacturing, business circulation, health care, education and culture, transportation, mobile Internet, e-commerce, media, environmental protection, etc.
  • Relying on the technical background of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and so on, Zhenyou IOT has integrated industry resources and successively developed a series of industry information software and platform projects, involving intelligence, smart tourism, online education, online medical treatment, Internet finance, mobile e-commerce and so on.
  • As a company with software outsourcing service as its core business, we have comprehensively constructed the company's core competitiveness through standardized software service management process, accurate demand response and rapid software delivery ability, and built a professional technical service team to successfully serve hundreds of users and win the respect and recognition of our customers.

Mobile application development

For 10 years, we have focused on mobile app development, applet development, HTML5 development, website system development, senior technical team, rigorous project management, brand case 500 + and customer service 2000 +.

Be aware of industry trends, deeply cultivate cutting-edge technologies, and provide customers with innovative strategies for sustainable development in combination with corporate vision, objectives and strategies.

Software system customization

Rich experience in system architecture, provide high concurrency, high reliability and security technology, CMMI3 and ISO series certification, and build a process standardized R & D system.

  • The process management based on the research and development of system level software platform can realize the whole life cycle management of mobile business development, testing, release, operation and maintenance and operation
  • The core technical teams are from large Internet enterprises, with nearly 1000 technical R & D personnel nationwide, providing a large number of technical R & D and consulting services for leading enterprises in various industries

Industry system customization development

After decades of precipitation, there are more than 50 senior experts in various solutions, who have an in-depth understanding of products and solutions in various industries, bring in-depth technology and product consulting experience to customers, and help many enterprises realize the transformation of mobile Internet.

Relying on more than ten years of experience in software and hardware, senior digital transformation experts in the industry and innovative technologies and solutions, Zhenyou IOT provides guarantee for customers' technical realization.